A simple restaurant that serves a taste of home with no hidden agenda

The rugged-looking owner is a kind man as he talks to his customers like friends.

The restaurant may seem simple with little decoration but it's always full house. The reason could be that you can't find the various traditional Hainanese delicacies that are sold here.

The Choy Poh Egg may seem like an ordinary dish, but it is a signature dish that the owner is proud of. The preserved radish is hidden under the soft egg white, and the texture is a smooth and soft with a hint of saltiness.

The Braised Potato with Pork is another signature dish that should not be missed. Even when you are full, you can't help but ask for more.

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Joe Hoo

Mr Joe Hoo is a 33 year old enterpreneur. Joe has been inspired by his loving dad (Mr. Hoo Wa Haw) on Hainanese home-cooked food at a very young age. Many recipes were inherited from Joe's great grandmother who orginated from Hainan Island.

After graduating from his tertiary education, Joe had decided to continue the legacy of serving Hainanese home-cooked food.

The journey was a challenging one. Joe was taught, trained and further inspired by his Master Chef, Mr. Tan Teik Chai. Mr. Tan was previously an Apprentice Master Banquet Chef at Hyatt Saujana, Subang.

This dynamic team had birthed several new recipes such as three flavoured Black Promfret, sweet and sour fried culler @ yao cha kwai with stuffed pork and many more.

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